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Rule 14-409. Self-studycategories of accredited MCLE defined.

(a)Lecturing, teaching and panel discussions. Lawyers wholecture in an accredited CLE program will receivecredit for three hours for each hour spent lecturing. No lecturing or teaching creditis available for participation in a panel discussion or for preparationtime.

(b) Final published courseschedule. The Board will determinethe number of accredited CLE hours available for a program based on the finalpublished course schedule.

(c) Equivalent CLE credit forcertain self-study activities. Subject to the Board?s determination, the Board will allow equivalent credit for suchactivitiesthat further the purposeof this article and qualify for equivalency. Such equivalent activities may include,but are not limited to, viewing of approved CLE audio and video and webcast presentations,computerinteractive telephonic programs,writing and publishing an article in a legal periodical, part-time teaching bya lawyer in an approved law school, or delivering a paper or speech on aprofessional subject at a meeting primarily attended by lawyers, legalassistants or law students. The number of hours of credit allowed for suchactivities and the procedures for obtaining equivalent credit will be determined specifically by theBoard foreach instance.

Effective May 1, 2016.