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Rule14-403. Establishment and membership of Board.

(a)   Establishment. There is hereby established by this Court a Boardof Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. The Board consists of 15members, all of whom are lawyers admitted to the Bar.

(b) Terms. Members are appointed forstaggered four-year terms.  No lawyer mayserve more than two consecutive terms as a member of the Board unless appointedby the Supreme Court as the Board chair or when justified by specialcircumstances. The Board may also have up to two nonvoting emeritus members. Anemeritus member has the same authority and duties as other Board members,except that such member shall have no authority to vote. An emeritus member mayserve two terms in addition to the terms served as a member. (c) Application and recruitment of committeemembers. Vacancies on the Board shall be announced in amanner reasonably calculated to reach members of the Utah State Bar. The noticeshall specify a brief description of the Board?s responsibilities, the methodfor submitting an application or letter of interest, and the applicationdeadline. Members of the Board or the Supreme Court may solicit applicationsfor membership on the Board. Applications and letters of interest shall besubmitted to the Supreme Court.

(d) Appointment of committee members and chair. Upon expiration ofthe application deadline, the Supreme Court shall review the applications andletters of interest and appoint those individuals who are best suited to serveon the Board. In the event of a mid-term vacancy the Supreme Court shallappoint a new member to serve for the remainder of the term. The Supreme Courtshall select a chair from among the Board?s members.

(e)  Absences. In the event a Board member fails to attend three Boardmeetings during a calendar year, the chair may notify the Supreme Court ofthose absences and may request that the Supreme Court replace that Boardmember.

(f)  Administrative assistance. The MCLE Director willsupport the Board.

Effective June 20, 2018.