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Rule 14-203. License categories.

(a) Lawyers licensed by the Barshall be divided into the following licensure categories:

(a)(1) Active. Active members arethose lawyers eligible to practice law as defined by Rule 14-802. An activemember must maintain an active license.

(a)(2) Active, under three.Active under three lawyers are those persons who took the student BarExamination as defined in Rule 14-710 and have not been admitted to practicefor more than three years in any jurisdiction.

(a)(3) Active emeritus. Activeemeritus lawyers are those lawyers who have been a member of the Bar for 50years or are 75 years of age as of July 1 of the current year and who areengaged in the practice of law.

(a)(4) Inactive. Inactive membersare those lawyers who have retired from or for other reasons are not engaged inthe practice of law as defined by the Rule 14-802. An inactive member mustmaintain an inactive license. They shall have the right to attend meetings ofthe Bar but shall not have a vote. They may serve on Bar committees and bemembers of sections of the Bar.

(a)(5) Inactive emeritus.Inactive emeritus lawyers are those lawyers who have been a member of the Barfor 50 years or are 75 years of age as of July 1 of the current year and whoare not engaged in the practice of law.

(a)(6) Other limited practicelicenses. As authorized by the Supreme Court, the Bar may develop other limitedlicense categories.

(b) Transfer from inactive toactive status. An inactive member may become an active member upon request andby paying the licensing fees which would have been payable July 1 had themember then been active. A lawyer who transfers must also pay the Lawyer's Fundfor Client Protection assessment for the licensure cycle when assessed.

(c) Register of members to bekept. The executive director shall maintain a register of lawyers which shallcontain a designation as to their licensing status and such other informationas the Board may determine to be necessary or desirable or as required by rule.

(d) Information required ofmembers. Each member of the Bar shall furnish the executive directorinformation indicating his or her date and the place of birth, dates ofadmission in other jurisdictions, and concerning such other matters as theBoard may from time to time prescribe. This information shall be furnished byeach member as a part of, or as a supplement to, the annual licensing formrequired by the rules or upon inquiry at any time by the executive director.

(e) Membership licensure card.Each member shall be furnished with a current licensure card.

(f) Professional misconduct. Ifan inactive member, or active member while suspended, shall practice law, he orshe shall be subject to the disciplinary process as in cases of otherprofessional misconduct under the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct andArticle 5, Lawyer Discipline and Disability.