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Rule 14-111

Rule 14-111. Practicing withouta license prohibited.

(a) Action or proceedings toenforce. Exception. Pursuant to Rule 14-506(a), no person who is not dulyadmitted and licensed to practice law in Utah as an attorney at law or as aforeign legal consultant nor any person whose right or license to so practicehas terminated either by disbarment, suspension, failure to pay his or herlicense and other fees or otherwise, shall practice or assume to act or holdhimself or herself out to the public as a person qualified to practice law orto carry on the calling of an attorney at law in Utah. Such practice, orassumption to act or holding out, by any such unlicensed or disbarred orsuspended person shall not constitute a crime, but this prohibition against thepractice of law by any such person shall be enforced by such civil action orproceedings, including writ, contempt or injunctive proceedings, as may benecessary and appropriate, which action or which proceedings shall beinstituted by the Bar after approval by the Board.

(b) Nothing in this articleshall prohibit a person who is unlicensed as an attorney at law or a foreignlegal consultant from personally representing that person's own interests in acause to which the person is a party in his or her own right and not asassignee.