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Rule11-104. Procedures Pertaining to the Practice of Law.


To establishprocedures for adopting or modifying rules pertaining to the practice of law.


This rule shall apply to the Supreme Court, theAdministrative Office of the Courts, the Utah State Bar, the Supreme CourtBoard of Continuing Legal Education, and the Supreme Court Ethics andDiscipline Committee.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Petitions. Petitions for the adoption,repeal or amendment of rules or procedures governing, affecting, or pertainingto the practice of law, other than the rules of professional conduct, shall befiled with the Supreme Court. Petitions shall set forth the proposed rule oramendment or the text of the rule proposed for repeal and shall specify theneed for and anticipated effect of the proposal.

(2) Publication. After preliminary review ofthe petition, the Supreme Court shall submit the proposed rule or amendments tothe Administrative Office of the Courts to be published for a 45-day commentperiod.

(3) Distribution. Distribution of theproposed rule or amendments shall be as provided in Rule11-106.

(4) Supreme Court review. Upon theexpiration of the comment period, the Administrative Office of the Courts shallcompile all of the written comment received and forward it to the SupremeCourt.

(5) Petitioner?s review. Following receiptof the written comment, the Supreme Court shall submit a copy of the commentsto the entity who filed the petition seeking the rule change. Petitioner shallreview the comments and recommend any final modification to the rules orprocedures. Once petitioner has completed its review, it shall submit amemorandum to the Supreme Court containing the petitioner?s final proposals, asummary of the public comment, and the petitioner?s recommendations in responseto the public comment.