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Rule 4-106. Remote conferencing.


To authorize the use of ?conferencing froma different location in lieu of personal appearances in appropriatecases. 

To establish the minimum requirements for remote appearance from adifferent location.


This rule shall apply toall courts of record and not of record. 

Statement of the Rule: 

(1) If the requirementsof paragraph (3) are satisfied, the judge may conduct the hearing remotely.

(2) If the requirements ofparagraph (3) are met, the court may, for good cause, permit a witness, aparty, or counsel to participate in a hearing remotely.

(3) The remoteappearance must enable:

(3)(A) a party and the party?s counsel to communicateconfidentially;

(3)(B) documents, photos and other things that are delivered in thecourtroom to be delivered previously or simultaneously to the remoteparticipants;

(3)(C) interpretation for a person of limited English proficiency;and

(3)(D) a verbatim record of the hearing. 


Effective May 1, 2016