Rule 14-717. Readmission after resignation or disbarment of Utah attorneys.

(a) Readmission after resignation without discipline pending. Readmission subsequent to the resignation without discipline pending of a member of the Bar requires a new application, payment of fees, and a character and fitness investigation. An Applicant is not required to retake the Bar Examination but must fully comply with the requirements of Rule 14-716.

(b) Readmission of Disbarred Attorneys. An Applicant for readmission to the Bar under these circumstances shall satisfy all requirements of this article, including Rules 14-703, 14-707(c), 14-708(g) and 14-716, and shall satisfy all other requirements imposed by Rule 14-525, the OPC, and Utah courts. A report and recommendation shall be filed by the Character and Fitness Committee in the district court in which the Applicant has filed his or her petition for readmission. The district court must approve the Applicant's petition for readmission under Rule 14-525 before an Applicant can be admitted and licensed under Rule 14-716 to practice law.