Rule 14-411. Board accreditation of non-approved sponsor courses.

The Board in its discretion may accredit CLE courses or activities offered by non-approved sponsors if they meet the following standards.

(a) The course must be of intellectual or practical content and, where appropriate, should include an ethics or professional responsibility component.

(b) The course or activity must contribute directly to a lawyer's professional competence or skills, or the lawyer's professional ethical obligations.

(c) Course or activity leaders or lecturers must have the necessary practical or academic skills to conduct the course effectively.

(d) Prior to or during the course or activity, each attendee must be provided with written or electronic course materials of a quality and quantity which indicate that adequate time has been devoted to preparation and which are of value to lawyers in their practice of the law. One-hour courses or activities meet this requirement by providing an outline of the course or activity's content.

(e) The course or activity must be presented in an appropriate setting.

(f) The course or activity must be made available to lawyers throughout the state unless the sponsor demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Board that there is good reason to limit availability.

(g) A sponsor or attendee must submit to all reasonable requests for information related to the course or activity.

(h) A sponsor or attendee must submit a written request for accreditation on an approved form within 60 days prior to or following the course or activity. Sponsors who wish to advertise a course or activity as being accredited must submit a request for approval at least 60 days prior to the event.

(i) The sponsor must submit the registration list in an approved format and CLE fees if applicable within 30 days following the presentation of a course.

Effective May 1, 2016.