Rule 14-410. Accreditation of MCLE; undue hardship and special accreditation.

(a) Accredited CLE activities provided by this article shall:

(a)(1) have as their primary objective to increase lawyers' professional competency;

(a)(2) be comprised of subject matter directly related to the practice of law; and

(a)(3) comply with the specific requirements set forth in this article with respect to each activity.

(b) The Board shall assign an appropriate number of credit hours to each accredited CLE activity.

(c) Ethics and professional responsibility courses. All courses or components of courses offered to fulfill the ethics and professional responsibility requirement under 14-404(a) must be specifically accredited by the Board.

(d) Undue hardship; special accreditation. Formal instruction or educational seminars which meet the requirements of paragraph (a) lend themselves well to the fulfillment of the educational requirement imposed by this article and will be readily accredited by the Board. It is not intended that compliance with this article will impose any undue hardship upon any lawyer by virtue of the fact that the lawyer may find it difficult because of health or other special reasons to attend such activities. In addition to accrediting formal instruction at centralized locations, the Board in its discretion may accredit such educational activities including, but not limited to, audio and video presentations, teaching, preparation of articles and other meritorious learning experiences as provided in this article.