Rule 14-208. Special rules and regulations.

(a) Bar Admission. The Board proposes rules for applicant Bar admission pursuant to Article 1, Integration and Management, and recommends to the Supreme Court for approval rules governing qualifications and requirements for admission to the practice of law as a lawyer and as a foreign legal consultant and for the examination of applicants.

(b) Student practice rules. The Board may recommend to the Supreme Court for approval rules governing student practice or student court assistance programs.

(c) Sections, standing committees, special committees. To advance the Bar’s purposes and objectives, the Board must create appropriate sections, standing committees, and special committees to which matters may be referred. The Board may call for regular or periodic reports from such committees and sections at times and to such extent as the Board deems appropriate.

(d) Committees. The Board will select a chair and the members of each committee. Bar Committees consist of:

(1) Standing committees, which exist until abolished by the Board. Standing committee members serve in staggered, three-year terms; and

(2) Ad hoc committees created for a specific purpose, which will terminate upon completion of that purpose. Ad hoc committee membership lasts through the committee’s existence.

Effective December 15, 2020