Rule 11-534. Final Committee disposition.

(a) Final, written determination. Either upon completing the exception procedure under Rule 11-532 or if no exception has been filed, the Committee chair will review the screening panelís findings and recommendations and will prepare the order to execute those findings and recommendations. The Committee chair may not make changes to screening panel findings and recommendations, other than changes needed for clarity. If no exception is filed, the Committee chair need not issue a final, written determination for a dismissal or a dismissal with a letter of caution.

(b) Public reprimand. If the screening panel recommends a public reprimand, the Respondent may, within 28 days, file an exception in accordance with Rule 11-532, or elect a trial de novo with the district court by notifying the Committee chair, who will authorize the Action in accordance with Rule 11-536.

Effective December 15, 2020