Rule 11-510. Ethics and Discipline Committee composition.

(a) Composition. The Supreme Court appoints the Committee members. The Committee consists of four public members and 21 Lawyers who have demonstrated a high standard of professional conduct. All appointments are for a term of three years with no Committee member serving more than two consecutive terms unless appointed as a chair or vice chair of the Committee. The Supreme Court designates one Lawyer member as Committee chair and four Lawyer members as Committee vice chairs.

(b) Committee chair. The Committee chair supervises the Committee and screening panels. The chair is responsible for:

(1) maintaining an adequate check on the screening panelsí work to ensure that matters move forward expeditiously;

(2) determining that screening panels have a uniform basis for the judgments rendered;

(3) providing the screening panels with information concerning ethics and judicial decisions necessary to their activities; and

(4) making recommendations to the Supreme Court concerning appointments to and removals from the screening panels and reports concerning screening panel activities and the overall work of the Committee.

(c) Vice chairs. The Committee vice chairs will act if the chair is absent or resigns. In such event, a vice chair will become the chair. The chair may call upon any vice chair to assist in any of the Committee chairís duties.

(d) Removal. The Committee chair may recommend removal of a Committee member by notifying the Supreme Court of the recommendation of removal and reasons for the recommendation. The removal is effective when the Supreme Court accepts the recommendation.

Effective December 15, 2020