Rule 11-501. Lawyer disciplinary and disability proceedings: purpose, authority, scope, and structure.

(a) The purpose of Lawyer disciplinary and disability proceedings is to ensure and maintain the high standard of professional conduct required of those who undertake the discharge of professional responsibilities as Lawyers and to protect the public and the administration of justice from those who have demonstrated by their conduct that they are unable or unlikely to properly discharge their professional responsibilities.

(b) Under Article VIII, Section 4 of the Constitution of Utah, the Utah Supreme Court has exclusive authority within Utah to adopt and enforce rules governing the practice of law, including licensure to practice law in Utah and the conduct and discipline of persons licensed to practice law.

(c) All disciplinary proceedings must be conducted in accordance with these rules. Formal disciplinary and disability proceedings are civil in nature. These rules will be construed to achieve substantial justice and fairness in disciplinary matters with dispatch and at the least expense to all concerned parties.

(d) The interests of the public, the courts, and the legal profession all require that disciplinary proceedings at all levels be undertaken and construed to secure the just and speedy resolution of every complaint.

(e) Unless provided otherwise, to the extent consistent with their limited license, licensed paralegal practitioners and foreign legal consultants must be treated in the same manner as lawyers for purposes of interpreting and implementing these rules.

Effective December 15, 2020