Rule 4-106. Remote conferencing.


To authorize the use of  conferencing from a different location in lieu of personal appearances in appropriate cases. 

To establish the minimum requirements for remote appearance from a different location.


This rule shall apply to all courts of record and not of record. 

Statement of the Rule: 

(1) If the requirements of paragraph (3) are satisfied, the judge may conduct the hearing remotely.

(2) If the requirements of paragraph (3) are met, the court may, for good cause, permit a witness, a party, or counsel to participate in a hearing remotely.

(3) The remote appearance must enable:

(3)(A) a party and the party’s counsel to communicate confidentially;

(3)(B) documents, photos and other things that are delivered in the courtroom to be delivered previously or simultaneously to the remote participants;

(3)(C) interpretation for a person of limited English proficiency; and

(3)(D) a verbatim record of the hearing. 


Effective May 1, 2016