Rule 3-202. Court referees prohibited.


To prohibit courts from establishing the position of court referee.


This rule applies to all trial courts.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Definition. Court referee means any person, other than:

(1)(A) a judge appointed under Article VIII of the Utah Constitution;

(1)(B) a senior judge appointed under Rule 11-201 or Rule 11-203;

(1)(C) a judge pro tempore appointed under Rule 11-202;

(1)(D) a court commissioner appointed under Rule 3-201;

(1)(E) a master appointed under Rule of Civil Procedure 53;

(1)(F) a clerk of court acting under Rule 4-704; or

(1)(G) a juvenile court probation officer acting under Section 78A-6-602 or Rule 7-301

by any title, including but not limited to court referee, traffic referee, hearing officer, or adjuster who resolves or recommends resolution of any case.

(2) Court referees prohibited. Court referees are prohibited.