Rule 3-114. Judicial outreach.


To improve public trust and confidence in the judiciary.

To foster a greater role for judges in service to the community.

To provide leadership and resources for outreach.


This rule shall apply to all members of the judiciary.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The Committee on Judicial Outreach shall:

(1)(A) create and promote model outreach programs that take into account existing curricula;

(1)(B) promote local outreach programs;

(1)(C) propose and implement policies and rules that encourage judicial participation in outreach programs;

(1)(D) work with educators to enhance civic education in school curricula;

(1)(E) work with the Utah State Bar to develop joint outreach programs; and

(1)(F) communicate judicial outreach efforts.

(2) Consistent with the Code of Judicial Conduct and to increase public understanding of the administration of justice, the judiciary is encouraged to:

(2)(A) educate civic, educational, business, charitable, media and other groups about the court system and judicial process; and

(2)(B) take an active part in the community where the participation of the judiciary will serve to increase public understanding and promote public confidence in the integrity of the court system.


Effective date: May 1, 2016