Rule 2-204. Local supplemental rules.


To establish the authority of local courts to adopt local supplemental rules for the administration of the courts.

To ensure that local supplemental rules are adopted consistently with this Code.

To establish a procedure for the adoption and ratification of local supplemental rules.


This rule shall apply to all courts of record and not of record.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The judges of a court may adopt rules needed to supplement this Code and to govern the administration of their courts.

(2) Local supplemental rules shall be approved by the presiding judge and by a majority of the judges in the judicial district, or, in single-judge courts, by the judge.

(3) The appropriate Board shall review the rule for consistency with this Code, its potential application to courts of equal jurisdiction and its potential application to all courts of record and not of record.

(4) If the proposed rule is approved by the Board the Board shall submit it to the Council for ratification. The Council shall publish the rule for comment as provided in Rule 2-203 and establish an effective date, which may be an expedited effective date, as provided in Rule 2-205 and Rule 2-206.

(5) Rules ratified by the Council shall be published in this Code.