Rule 2-102. Council agenda.


To identify the Management Committee's responsibility for establishing the annual schedule of Council meetings and the agenda for each Council meeting.

To establish a procedure for placing items on the Council agenda for consideration.


This rule shall apply to all meetings of the Council.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The Management Committee is responsible for establishing the agenda for each Council meeting and for establishing an annual schedule of Council meetings.

(2) The annual schedule shall include the date and time of Council meetings and shall provide adequate time to review planning, legislation and budget issues, Council rules and other matters identified by the Committee. The schedule shall be published by the Committee on an annual basis.

(3) The agenda for each Council meeting shall be established by the Management Committee, which is responsible for receiving requests for agenda items from the Boards, the Council's standing committees and other interested agencies, organizations and individuals. The Management Committee shall review all requests received, approve appropriate matters for Council consideration and, with the assistance of the Administrative Office, collect the necessary background information for presentation to the Council. Matters which are approved for Council consideration will be placed on the Council agenda as soon as the necessary background information is available and subject to the scheduling limitations of the Council.

(4) Any items recommended for placement on Council agenda by the Boards, an executive committee, the Council as a whole or individual Council members shall be placed on the agenda by the Management Committee.