Rule 1-304. General authority and duties.


To delegate to the Boards appropriate authority for administration of the courts.

To identify the responsibility of the Boards:

(1) to adopt administrative rules in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the Council and subject to ratification by the Council;

(2) to propose rules of procedure and evidence to Supreme Court Advisory Committees;

(3) to coordinate the adoption of local supplemental rules;

(4) to advise the Council;

(5) to supervise the implementation of Council policies;

(6) to serve as liaison between the local courts and judges and the Council;

(7) to develop state-wide master plans for budget and legislative priorities; and

(8) to assure that the Council, as the ultimate authority for the administration of the judiciary, controls the direction of policy development by ratification of the rules of the Boards.


This rule shall apply to all Boards, except the Board of Senior Judges. This rule may be supplemented by a specific grant of authority to a particular Board.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) All rules of the Boards shall be subject to ratification by the Council. The Council may ratify a rule of a Board without a 45-day comment period. Rules of the Boards shall not be inconsistent with the rules, standards, and goals established by the Council or the rules of the Supreme Court and shall not be inconsistent with law.

(2) Each Board shall develop uniform rules for the operation of its respective court in accordance with standards and goals established by the Council.

(3) Each Board shall distribute its proposed rules to affected agencies and individuals for comment prior to adoption.

(4) Each Board shall present its adopted rules to the Council for ratification. The rules of the Boards shall be printed in this Code, shall be in a format identical to that prescribed by this Code and shall be numbered sequentially to facilitate publication and reference.

(5) Each Board may submit to the Council recommendations for legislation or rules.

(6) Each Board shall study and make recommendations concerning issues referred by the Council.

(7) Each Board shall develop and recommend to the Council budget and legislative priorities for its courts.

(8) The Board of District Court Judges and the Board of Juvenile Court Judges shall meet with the presiding judges of the districts at least annually.

(9) The state court administrator shall submit for approval to the Board the name of the appointee to the position of state level administrator for that court.

(10) Each Board shall be responsible for informing the judges of its respective court of an invitation by the Council to comment upon a proposed Council rule or any other action by the Council.

(11) The Boards shall have such other authority and responsibility as delegated by the Council.