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Court Reports

Recent Reports

  • Report to the Utah Judicial Council on Pretrial Release and Supervision Practices (November 2015) - PDF
  • Supreme Court Task Force to Examine Limited Legal Licensing -  PDF (November 2015)
  • Judicial Council Study on the Representation of Indigent Criminal Defendants in Trial Courts (October 2015) - PDF
  • Right to Counsel in Utah: An Assessment of Trial-Level Indigent Defense Services, Sixth Amendment Center (October 2015) - PDF (
  • Non-Lawyer Legal Assistance Roles, Thomas M. Clarke, National Center for State Courts (August 2015) - PDF

All Recent Reports can also be found in the sections below.

Utah State Court Surveys

Public Trust and Confidence Survey

A Public Trust and Confidence Survey was conducted to determine public perceptions of the Utah State Courts. OpinionWorks surveyed 800 Utah households in July and August, 2012, and asked Utahns questions about the public's perception, familiarity, experience, confidence, expectations, and performance of the state courts. The results were compared to a survey conducted in 2006 to gauge changes in the public perception of the court system.

Self-Represented Parties Survey

  • 2006 Survey of Self-Represented Parties in the Utah State Courts - PDF

Access and Fairness Survey

A fair decision under the law is the cornerstone of the Utah courts. Fairness is just a word if the people cannot access their courts. The Judicial Council remains committed to achieving both access and fairness, and measuring progress towards those goals through the opinions of the people who use the courts.

The Access and Fairness Survey is conducted annually in each district courthouse in the state for one full court day. All court "customers" are asked to take the survey as they leave the courthouse. A customer includes attorneys, litigants and their families and friends, witnesses, victims, social service agency staff, jurors, paralegals and other law office staff, and law enforcement. Not included in the customer category are court staff, court security officers and anyone else who works for the court or in the courthouse.

Annual Reports

  • Annual Report to the Community 2015 - PDF
  • Annual Report to the Community 2014 - PDF
  • Annual Report to the Community 2013 - PDF

State of the Judiciary Reports

  • 2017 State of the Judiciary Address -- PDF
    (Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant)
  • 2016 State of the Judiciary Address - PDF
    (Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant)
  • 2015 State of the Judiciary Address - PDF | YouTube
    (Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant)

Reports to the Supreme Court

Additional Reports

The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

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