Shared Master Offense Table

A Shared Master Offense Table has been built to provide consistency in offenses used throughout the criminal justice system. The Utah Prosecution Council, Administrative Office of the Courts, Driver License Division and Bureau of Criminal Identification all contribute to the Shared Master Offense Table.

If an offense code is not available in the Shared Master Offense Table, send a request to All State offenses are approved by the Utah Prosecution Council staff for statutory appropriateness and to facilitate addition to the Prosecution Information Management System (PIMS).

CORIS Offense Table

CORIS Offense Table - updated May 26, 2016 - Excel Document Excel | PDF Document PDF

Brief, non-technical definitions of the fields contained in the file are as follows:

  • viol_code: The statutory offense code.
  • gov_code: Offenses listed alphabetically by gov_code, a list of the gov codes is attached. - PDF Document PDF|Excel Document Excel
  • descr: A 60 character field used for the description of the offense.
  • ncic_code: The NCIC code associated with the offense.
  • aamva_code: The ACD code designated by DLD for reporting to the Driver License Division.
  • dr_lic_rpt: Indicates reportability to Driver License Division.
  • bci_rpt: Indicates reportability to Bureau of Criminal Identification.
  • fta_flag: Indicates whether fta flag should be set.
  • mand_appear_flag: Indicates whether the offense requires a mandatory court appearance.
  • deflt_severity: Indicates the default severity level of the offense.
  • suggest_bail: The suggested bail amount.
  • compliance_credit: The amount that bail should be discounted for compliance.
  • spec_proc_attr: Codes that require Special Processing.

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