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American Sign Language Interpreters

The Utah Certification Advisory Board recently implemented new requirements for interpreting in the courts. The same requirements are required for spoken language interpreters in the courts. Beginning January 2011, ASL Interpreters will be required to meet specific standards to be placed and maintained on the Approved American Sign Language Court Interpreter List. The ASL Interpreter's name must be listed to work in any courtroom setting in the State of Utah.

  • Application to Become an ASL Court Interpreter - PDF | Word
  • Approval Process FAQ - PDF
  • Legal Requirements - PDF

Requirements interpreters must meet to be on the Approved ASL Court Interpreter List are the following:

Possess RID SC:L in good standing.


  1. Provide verification of at least one of the following Certifications in good standing:

    • Utah Master
    • Utah Professional
    • RID CI and CT
    • RID CDI
    • RID RSC
    • NIC Master
    • NIC Advanced
    • NIC
    • NAD IV
    • NAD V

  2. Complete a 1-day Court Interpreting Orientation class offered by the Administrative Office of the Courts, found here: https://www.utcourts.gov/resources/interp/asl.html
  3. Interpreters must pass the Ethics Exam at the completion of the class. For the registration form containing the list of dates for the class, go to: Registration
  4. Provide proof of 10 observation hours of court interpreting in any language. Documented time must be actual time of observing the interpreting process with a certified language interpreter or approved ASL interpreter. To receive the verification form and arrange observation hours, contact any court interpreter coordinator listed on the following link http://www.utcourts.gov/resources/interp/coordinators.html

Both methods of approval require the following

  1. Achieve a verifiable clean background check provided by the court. A criminal background check (BCI) will be conducted upon submitting an application to become a court interpreter for ASL.
  2. Sign an Interpreter's Oath with the court. This will be provided at the time of acceptance.

To remain on the Approved ASL Court Interpreter list the interpreter must:

  1. Maintain approved certification in good standing.
  2. Complete CEU/CEH requirement with 15 of 60 hours in legal training.
    - OR -
  3. Provide proof of RID SC:L in good standing.

The list of court approved ASL interpreters will be posted and maintained on the Utah Interpreter Program website at http://www.utahinterpreterprogram.org

The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

Page Last Modified: 2/15/2017
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