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Appellate Briefs

Briefs for appellate cases that are current/pending are available in the appellate clerks' office.

Once the case is closed, the original briefs are sent to the Utah State Law Library. Copies of Utah appellate briefs are also available at the Utah State Archives and at the law libraries of Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.

Utah State Law Library
Supreme Court 1929 and 1940s- , docket # 4922-4932 and 6190-
Court of Appeals 1986-current

Utah State Archives
Supreme Court 1888-1961

BYU Howard W. Hunter Law Library
Supreme Court 1895-current
Court of Appeals 1986-current

University of Utah James E. Faust Law Library
Supreme Court 1895-current
Court of Appeals 1986-current

Law & Motion Files

Law & Motion Files contain all documents, other than briefs, filed in an appellate court case.

  • The Supreme Court has Law & Motion Files from 1997-current. Older files are available at the Utah State Archives.
  • The Court of Appeals has Law & Motion Files from 2008-current. Older files are housed in an off-site location. Please contact the appellate clerks' office to request these files. Please note it may take a week to receive off-site files.

Trial Court Records

Trial court records are kept with the case file at the appellate clerks' office while the case is current/pending. The file is returned to the trial court (district or juvenile) when the appellate court issues its remittitur. Contact the trial court where the case arose in order to get copies of the trial court record.

  • Request for Appellate Oral Argument CD/Audiotape - PDF Document PDF | Word Document Word

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