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Mediator Information

PO Box 371
Eden, UT 84310

Phone 1: (801) 791-8347
Email: wcrfuller@ovalley,net

Susan's goal is to assist disputing parties as they create their own agreement in a safe and supportive environment. She specializes in areas of divorce, co-parenting, marriage reconciliation and blending families. She also has experience in small claims, landlord/tenant, contract and small business mediation. Susan has a Bachelor and Master degree of Education and extensive experience in Special Education, Family Support, Children and Adults with Disabilities, Behavior Disorders and Traumatized Children situations. She completed the Utah Dispute Resolution Basic and Domestic Mediation training. Susan has a 35 year professional background supporting families. Experienced Spanish translator available.

Maximum Fee:$80.00/hr. - sliding fee for income 
Location:489 South 5100 East, Ogden, UT or can be arranged 
District:Judicial Districts 1, 2 and 3 
Travel:Very Flexible 

Page Last Modified: 2/5/2016
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