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Mediator Information

48 East 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Phone 1: (801) 349-8597

During my 34 years as a civil trial lawyer, I participated in over 100 mediations of cases my clients hoped to settle. I also participated in some 77 trials necessitated by the parties' unwillingness to settle. I know what it takes to settle cases and the burdens and travails of trying them. I am Past President of the Utah Trial Lawyers Association and an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Utah Assocaition for Justice. I currently chair the Utah Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal Education. I enjoy swimming, playing pickle ball, and mauling my grandchildren.

Maximum Fee:$200.00/hr. 
Location:48 East 100 South, SLC, Utah 
District:Judicial Districts 2-4 
Travel:Federal mileage allowance + $30/hr. 

Page Last Modified: 2/5/2016
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