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    Truancy mediation is offered to families as an alternative to a formal referral to Juvenile Court for habitual truancy. Truancy mediation is a process that uses the presence and skills of a impartial third party (mediator) to assist students, parents, and schools to resolve conflict in a safe environment where all viewpoints can be acknowledged. The program uses a "team approach" rather than an adversarial approach to resolve the problem. Truancy mediation provides a relaxed atmosphere for the student, parents and school to discuss the truancy problem and to come up with solutions. The mediator assists the parties to create and test the feasibility of possible solutions to the problem which can be agreed to by all.

    Truancy mediations are held at the student's school in a private room with everyone involved sitting around a table. Usually the mediator will spend time alone with the student, the parent(s) and the school to allow them to talk privately and brainstorm possible solutions. After possible solutions are identified, the group is brought together to discuss and finalize the solutions in the form of a written agreement.

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