Online Services

This page provides a list of Online Services currently offered on the Utah State Courts' website.

Pay Online
Utah Courts Internet Payment System

Qualify Online for Jury Service
An overview of what you can expect if selected to serve on a jury, including an online Juror Qualification tool.

Request a Transcript
To record hearings and other proceedings, the Utah state courts rely exclusively on digital audio (and in a few locations, video) recordings. To obtain a copy of a recording file, request it from the judicial services representative at the court in which the proceeding was held. Visit our Audio Records and Transcripts webpage for more information.

XChange Case Lookup
XChange is a fee-based database of district court case information. This database provides information about cases, including when documents were filed, hearings were held, judgments were entered, and the outcome of completed cases.

Online Court Assistance Program Document Preparation
The Utah Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP) is the official State of Utah website for assistance in preparing court documents if you are not able to have an attorney draft them for you. Documents can be prepared for divorce, landlord tenant, guardianship of a minor, or protective orders.

Page Last Modified: 1/14/2013
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