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ORS and Tax Liens by County

Attention! Attention tax lien information users:

Beginning in January 2007, the Utah State Courts(USC), per request and cooperation with the Utah State Tax Commission(USTC), began processing personal tax liens separately from the then existing general tax lien processing. Over the last two years, USTC shifted more tax types to the new process, and plans to complete the full transfer sometime in the future. Until this happens, USC will continue to run both the old and the new taxlien processes.

The new taxlien case information is posted on our web site, in addition to the old one. The new file names are the same as the old ones, with suffix "_new", e.g., the old file name for Salt Lake county is t1807008; the new one would be t1807008_new.

Be aware of the changes in the output record layout for the new process. Both the tax information and the name records maintain the same length, 164 bytes. The name record will remain the same as the current one; in the tax information record the following changes will be made:

  • warrant number CHAR(11) ... old: CHAR(9)
  • warrant amount CHAR(12) ... old: CHAR(9)
  • tax account number is no longer provided by USTC; it appears as spaces in the record
  • 28 spaces between the last field and <CR> ... old: 33 spaces

Below are the new tax and name record layouts with changes marked

Tax Record:
court_type CHAR(1),  
location_code CHAR(4),  
case_num CHAR(9),  
record type CHAR(1)  -- value: A
lien_status CHAR(1)
  • A = Amended
  • F = Filed
  • S = Satisfied
  • V = Vacated
  • W = Withdrawn

Beginning March 2009 the Tax Commission will submit one disposition for all cases which have reached resolution, regardless of the type of resolution. The disposition for resolved cases will be Vacated.

warrant_num CHAR(11)  *** CHANGED FROM CHAR(9) ***
tax_acct_num CHAR(10)  *** CHANGED: no longer provided by USTC, will be replaced by spaces ***
cause CHAR(70)  
warrant_amt CHAR(12)  *** CHANGED FROM CHAR(9) ***
docket_date CHAR(6)  
release_date CHAR(6)  
28 spaces  

Name Record:
court_type CHAR(1)  
locn_code CHAR(4)  
case_num CHAR(9)  
record type CHAR(1)  -- value: N
name CHAR(50)  
name_type CHAR(1)  
address_1 CHAR(30)  
address_2 CHAR(30)  
city CHAR(16)  
state_code CHAR(2)  
zip_code CHAR(10)  

Taxlien Information

These links are to "zip" files only. They can be downloaded for your convenience.
The files that appear in bold are the most recent file for each county. Past weeks for each county follow.

  • ORS Liens ORS liens are loaded every Thursday by 1:00pm
  • TAX Liens Tax liens are loaded every Tuesday by 1:00pm

The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

Page Last Modified: 2/29/2016
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