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ORS and Tax Liens by County

Finding Legal Help

You are not required to hire an attorney, but legal matters can be complicated. Consider talking to an attorney to go over your options. See the Finding Legal Help page for information about free and low cost ways to get legal help. 

Como encontrar ayuda legal

Usted no está obligado a contratar un abogado, pero los asuntos legales pueden ser complicados. Considere la posibilidad de hablar con un abogado para hablar de sus opciones. Para información sobre cómo obtener ayuda legal vea nuestra página Como encontrar ayuda legal.

Taxlien Information

The Utah State Courts, in cooperation with the Utah State Tax Commission, process tax liens electronically via a data transfer. The taxlien case information is posted on our web site.

The links on the liens pages are to "zip" files which can be downloaded for your convenience. The newest files are listed last.

  • Tax Liens - Tax liens are loaded every Tuesday by 1:00pm
  • ORS Liens - ORS liens are loaded every Thursday by 1:00pm

Below are the tax and name record layouts.

Tax Record:
court_type CHAR(1),  
location_code CHAR(4),  
case_num CHAR(9),  
record type CHAR(1)  -- value: A
lien_status CHAR(1)
  • A = Amended
  • F = Filed
  • S = Satisfied
  • V = Vacated
  • W = Withdrawn

The Tax Commission submits one disposition for all cases which have reached resolution, regardless of the type of resolution. The disposition for resolved cases will be Vacated.

warrant_num CHAR(11)  
tax_acct_num CHAR(10)  
cause CHAR(70)  
warrant_amt CHAR(12)  
docket_date CHAR(6)  
release_date CHAR(6)  
28 spaces  

Name Record:
court_type CHAR(1)  
locn_code CHAR(4)  
case_num CHAR(9)  
record type CHAR(1)  -- value: N
name CHAR(50)  
name_type CHAR(1)  
address_1 CHAR(30)  
address_2 CHAR(30)  
city CHAR(16)  
state_code CHAR(2)  
zip_code CHAR(10)  

The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

Page Last Modified: 4/3/2017
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