Governing Boards and Committees

Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure

Committee Information

Lauren DiFrancescoChair, Attorney
Professor Jensie AndersonUniversity of Utah
Professor Jonas AndersonUniversity of Utah
Rod N. AndreasonAttorney
Commissioner Catherine ConklinSecond District Court
Judge Rita CornishSecond District Court
Jonathan HafenAttorney
Judge Kent HolmbergThird District Court
James HunnicuttAttorney
Trevor LeeAttorney
Heather LesterSelf-Represented Parties
Ash McMurrayAttorney
Timothy PackAttorney
Loni PageClerk of Court, Seventh District Court
Bryan PattisonAttorney
Crystal PowellRecording Secretary
Judge Laura ScottThird District Court
Giovanna SpeissSelf-Represented Parties
Michael StahlerAttorney
Judge Andrew H. StoneThird District Court
Judge Clay StuckiOgden City Justice Court
Justin T. TothAttorney
Susan VogelAttorney, Self-Help Center
Tonya WrightLPP
Stacy HaackeStaff, Associate General Counsel, Administrative Office of the Courts