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Utah Drug Courts


The establishment of drug courts in the State of Utah is part of an ongoing effort to combat the rising number of drug related crimes within our communities. Estimates have indicated that in recent years, arrests for drug related crimes have more than doubled. Additionally, judges have observed that the same offenders appear in their courts time and time again. It seemed as if traditional methods of dealing with addicts such as strict probation or mandatory imprisonment did not attack the fundamental problem of addiction.

Drug courts work by recognizing that unless substance abuse ends, fines and jail time are unlikely to prevent future criminal activity. Consequently, drug courts, through frequent testing and court supervision, focus upon eliminating drug addiction as a long-term solution to crime.

Since the first drug court in Utah was established in Third District Court (Salt Lake) in 1996, the program has spread quickly. There are an estimated 700-800 participants statewide and hundreds of successful graduates.

List of Utah Drug Courts

Although a number of drug courts exist within the State of Utah, all programs have incorporated a set of ten components created by the United States Department of Justice. These guidelines establish structural components across drug courts while each jurisdiction independently handles matters such as treatment providers and participatory restrictions.

Drug Court Recommended Certification

1st District

LoganAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Wilmore
Brigham CityAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Allen
LoganAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Allen
Brigham CityAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Cannell
LoganJuvenile Mental Health CourtJudge Fonnesbeck
Brigham CityJuvenile Mental Health CourtJudge Fonnesbeck

2nd District

FarmingtonAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Morris
OgdenAdult Drug CourtJudge DeCaria
OgdenDependency Drug CourtJudge Sipes
OgdenDependency Drug CourtJudge Heward
FarmingtonDependency Drug CourtJudge Noland
OgdenJuvenile Drug CourtJudge Noland
Weber CountyJuvenile Drug CourtJudge Dillon
OgdenDUI CourtJudge DeCaria
FarmingtonDUI CourtJudge Morris
OgdenMental Health CourtJudge Hyde
FarmingtonMental Health CourtJudge Dawson
RiverdaleMisdemeanor CourtJudge Renstrom

3rd District

West JordonAdult Drug CourtJudge Hogan
Salt Lake CityAdult Drug CourtJudge Bernards-Goodman
Salt Lake CityAdult Drug CourtJudge Skanchy
Salt Lake CityAdult Drug CourtJudge Blanch
TooeleAdult Drug CourtJudge Atkins
Salt Lake CityDependency Drug CourtJudge Behrens
Salt Lake CityDependency Drug CourtJudge Hornak
Salt Lake CityDependency Drug CourtJudge Decker
Salt Lake CityDependency Drug CourtJudge Lund
Salt Lake CityJuvenile Drug CourtJudge Hornak
TooeleJuvenile Drug CourtJudge Renteria
West JordonJuvenile Drug CourtJudge Knight
Park CityAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Peterson
Salt Lake CityAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Boyden
Salt Lake CityAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Trease
Salt Lake CityJuvenile Mental Health CourtJudge Nolan
Salt Lake CityVeterans CourtJudge Hansen

4th District

NephiAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Brown
FillmoreAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Brown
HeberAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Griffin
ProvoAdult Drug CourtJudge Taylor
ProvoAdult Drug CourtJudge Brown
ProvoDependency Drug CourtJudge Noonan
Spanish FordDependency Drug CourtJudge Smith
ProvoDependency Drug CourtJudge Lindsay
American ForkDependency Drug CourtJudge Bazzelle
ProvoJuvenile Drug CourtJudge Smith
ProvoAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Howard
ProvoMisdemeanor CourtJudge Romney
ProvoVeterans CourtJudge McVey

5th District

Cedar CityAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Walton
St. GeorgeAdult Drug CourtJudge Wilcox
St. GeorgeDependency Drug CourtJudge Leavitt
Cedar CityAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Walton
St. GeorgeAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Walton

6th District

KanabAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Bagley
MantiAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Bagley
RichfieldAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Lee
RichfieldAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Bagley
RichfieldAdult Mental Health CourtJudge Lee

7th District

Castle DaleAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Johansen
PriceAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Thomas
MoabAdult Felony Drug CourtJudge Manley
MonticelloAdult Drug CourtJudge Anderson
MoabDependency Drug CourtJudge Manley
PriceDependency Drug CourtJudge Johansen

8th District

VernalAdult Drug CourtJudge McClellan
VernalAdult Mental Health CourtJudge McClellan

The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

Page Last Modified: 1/23/2018
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