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You are not required to hire an attorney, but legal matters can be complicated. Consider talking to an attorney to go over your options. See the Finding Legal Help page for information about free and low cost ways to get legal help. 

Como encontrar ayuda legal

Usted no está obligado a contratar un abogado, pero los asuntos legales pueden ser complicados. Considere la posibilidad de hablar con un abogado para hablar de sus opciones. Para información sobre cómo obtener ayuda legal vea nuestra página Como encontrar ayuda legal.

Court Process - Citation Diversion Unit

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Level 2:  Citation Diversion Unit (CDU)

Upon receiving a referral from the Police, you may be informed, either by the police officer or by letter, when and where to appear at the Juvenile Court.  At that time you may be instructed to attend the Citation Diversion Unit (CDU) class which teaches youth about some common violations of law and the consequences of those offenses.  A parent must attend the class with the minor child.

If the juvenile admits to the charge, the probation department may impose a non-judicial assessment.  This assessment may include work hours, a monetary consequence, an additional class or any combination of these items.  There are several different levels within CDU  and consequences  increase if you are a repeat offender; a fourth offense will go to the Preliminary Inqury Level.

It is important to note that at this point in the process, the incident is not considered a "legal" record because you have not been before a judge.  It is tracked for further reference in case you ever come back before the court, but it is not considered part of the legal record at this point.  See Non-Judicial Closures definition.

If, upon review by the probation officer, it is felt that the incident is of a more serious nature or if requested by the parent, you may be instructed to meet with a probation officer for a preliminary inquiry.
Go to Level 3 Preliminary Inquiry (PI)

If you fail to comply with the terms of the non-judicial assessment within the time frames given, the incident will be petitioned to court and you will be notified of a date and time to appear for an arraignment.  (Go to level 4: Arraignment)  Upon filing of a petition the case then becomes a "legal" record.

CDU teaches about common violations and law and the consequences of those offenses.  The probation officer may impose a non-judicial assessment.

At this stage, the incident is not considered a "legal" record because you have not appeared before a judge.

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The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

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