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4th District Juvenile Court - State Supervision Unit

State Supervision Unit

235 S. Mountain Dr.
Orem, UT
Phone (801)426-7401
Fax (801)235-9768


The State Supervision program is designed for diverse juvenile offenders who are in need of high structure, close supervision, and are at risk of being put in an out-of-home placement. The program demonstrates to offenders that probation means accountability, consequences, as well as productive rehabilitative activities. A combination of intensive services (provided to the juvenile within the family environment) and probation supervision (with an emphasis on accountability and community protection) have proven to be an effective alternative to out-of-home placement.

Emphasis of the Program

  • Structured time and monitoring
  • Education and Work
  • Accountability
  • Life skills development

* This is a team approach. The parents, juvenile, state supervision staff, treatment staff, law enforcement, and educators are all involved.

State Supervision Agreement

The juvenile will be place on house arrest during the duration of his/her placement on State Supervision. Privileges may be earned as a result of two weeks of positive behavior. These earned privileges, along with other activities must be approved 24 hours in advance by the juvenile's State Supervision officer. Earned privileges may be removed at any time by the juvenile's State Supervision officer.

The juvenile will be in a full-time educational program, or will be employed full time.

The juvenile will be responsible to make consistent progress toward paying all restitution, fines, and completing work hours.

If court orders the juvenile to complete a treatment program, they must do so in a timely manner. The juvenile's attendance, participation, attitude, and behavior will be closely monitored by the treatment program's staff and State Supervision staff.

The juvenile will be subject to search and seizure for detection of non-approved, or illegally possessed items, at the State Supervision office, at any program that involves the State Supervision staff, or in the juvenile's room at home.

The juvenile will participate in any scheduled groups, activities, or other court-ordered programs.

Parental Participation

It is the parents' court-ordered responsibility to inform the State Supervision Department of any violations of the State Supervision Program immediately. To facilitate teamwork, parents also need to participate in some of the group activities and events.

If the juvenile is involved in a treatment program, some parental participation in that program may be required. Participation is part of the court order, and failure to what is required may result in the parents being held in contempt of court.

For more information regarding the State Supervision Program contact:

PROVO, UT 84606
(801) 354-7200

The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

Page Last Modified: 3/29/2018
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