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4th District Juvenile Court - Drug Court

What is Drug Court?

The Drug Court is a program that targets the substance abusing population in the 4th District Juvenile. Most juveniles referred to the court for a drug or alcohol offense who do not qualify for intensive court intervention, but are in need of counseling services strict accountability. The Drug Court provides earlier intervention and more intensive supervision and follow-through between the court and referral agencies. The program creates liaisons between the Utah County Substance Abuse Office, treatment providers, schools, and the court. It provides an incentive for youth to attend and complete therapy in an effort to divert these individuals from further involvement in the Court system.

The following qualifications have been set as guidelines for the Alternative Drug Program:

  • Current referral is a drug or alcohol offense
  • The juvenile and his/her parents volunteer to participate
  • The juvenile admits to the offense(s)
  • The juvenile completes an assessment administered by Utah County Substance Abuse, and it is recommended that he/she attend counseling

What to Expect of the Drug Court?

The Drug Court is a minimum nine (9) month program. During that time the individual enters a plea in abeyance agreement with the County Attorney's office. The contract outlines the conditions for the successful completion of the program. This agreement binds the individual to the following expectations:

  • Accountability for the completion of the assessment recommendations
  • Weekly review hearings in Court
  • Weekly attendance at all required sessions with treatment providers to include group and individual
  • Random drug screens, and a required $25.00 payment to the court for each positive test
  • Daily attendance at school or full-time employment, if board released from school by the school district
  • Attendance to Speaker's Bureau each month
  • Completion of a Harmfuls and a Family Characteristic Project
  • Completion of all work hours, No violations of the law while in the program
  • Parents attend group and family therapy and a Zero Tolerance drug education class

Consequences for Failure to Comply with Drug Court

When violations occur while the individual is participating in the Drug Court, they are strict and sever. Non-compliance will result in the following:

  • Time spent in detention
  • No credit for community service hours or additional hours can be added
  • House Arrest
  • Further intervention by the court
  • Possible expulsion from the program
  • If expelled from the program, plea is entered with statutory requirements as set forth by Utah State Law

Why Choose The Drug Court?

In exchange for total compliance with the Drug Court Program, the County Attorney's office will submit a motion to dismiss the violation(s) to the Juvenile Court, the juvenile will receive credit for all of the community service hours, and graduate from the program.

For more information regarding the Drug Court program contact:

PROVO, UT 84606
(801) 354-7200

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Page Last Modified: 3/29/2018
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