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Victim Offender Mediation

Victim offender mediation is a process that gives victims of property crimes or minor assaults the opportunity to meet with the parents and the juvenile perpetrators of these crimes in a safe and structured setting, with the goal of holding the offenders directly accountable while providing important assistance and compensation to the victims. Assisted by a trained Volunteer mediator, the victim is able to let the offender know how the crime affected him or her, receive answers to questions, and be directly involved in developing a restitution plan for the offender to be accountable for the loss or damage caused. The offenders are able to take direct responsibilty for their behaivior, understand the full impact of what they did, and develop a plan for making amends.

Victim Offender mediation is an excellent example of the restorative model because it involves the victim, offender and a trained volunteer mediator. Third District's volunteer mediators are community members who come from all backgrounds and professions. Program Coordinator 801-238-7864.

Mediation Forms:

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