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Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

USB 14-0301. Standards of Professionalism and Civility. Amend. Advises lawyers to educate themselves about the risks of using social media.
USB 14-0503. Ethics and Discipline Committee. Amend. Provides for a third committee vice chair appointed by the Supreme Court. Allows a chair or vice chair of one screening panel to serve on another.
USB 14-0510. Prosecution and appeals. Amend. Describes the role of the screening panel as investigator and fact finder. Requires an OPC summary – if provided to a screening panel – to also be provided to the respondent and to include any additional violations. Allows the respondent to address any violations. Permits the screening panel to find additional violations during the hearing. Describes the process by which the respondent may address the additional violations. Requires a formal complaint to be filed if a screening panel finds probable cause for public discipline or if the misconduct is similar to a pending formal complaint. Allows evidence of prior discipline to be presented at the hearing. Allows for multiple cases to be presented to one screening panel. Allows the OPC 30 days to file a response to respondent’s exceptions. Allows the chair to extend the time to file an exception or response so the respondent or OPC can obtain a transcript of the hearing.
USB 14-0517. Additional rules of procedure. Amend. Clarifies that a screening panel chair screens complaints against OPC counsel, committee members and bar commissioners before the appointment of a special counsel.
USB 14-0533. Diversion. Amend. Requires that the OPC agree to diversion before the Diversion Committee can consider the respondent’s request for diversion.

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