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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed July 25, 2020

CJA03-0101. Judicial Performance Standards (AMEND)

CJA03-0104. Presiding Judges (AMEND)

CJA03-0111. Performance Evaluation of Senior Judges and Court Commissioners (AMEND)
The proposed amendments to Rules 3-101, 3-104, and 3-111 establish a definition for “submitted” for purposes of the case under advisement performance standard. The updates also provide discretion to the Council to excuse full compliance with the performance standards regarding cases under advisement and education hours for circumstances beyond the judge’s control, pursuant to Utah Code section 78A-2-223.

CJA06-0506. Procedure for Contested Matters Filed in the Probate Court (AMEND)
Change “may” to “will” in regard to scheduling a pre-mediation conference.

CJA03-0403. Judicial Branch Education (AMEND)

CJA09-0101. Board of Justice Court Judges (AMEND)

CJA09-0109. Presiding Judges (AMEND)
Proposed changes to Rules 9-101 and 9-109 provide an alternative to conducting elections for leadership positions in the justice courts when the justice court conference is canceled. The proposed change to 3-403 authorizes the Board of Justice Court Judges to excuse judges from that conference.

CJA04-0106. Electronic Conferencing (REPEAL)
Because remote hearing provisions exist in the rules of procedure, the proposal is to repeal CJA 4-106.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 01-0205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Amend. Eliminates the Justice Court Standards Committee. Provides that the Judicial Council’s Management Committee shall review standing and ad hoc committees every six years and make a recommendation to the Judicial Council as to whether the committee should continue. Allows the committees to meet as needed.
CJA 03-0109. Ethics Advisory Committee. Amend. Gives the committee 60 days to issue an opinion. Allows the committee chair to extend the time for deliberations on an opinion when necessary. Allows the boards of judges to request reconsideration of an opinion.
CJA 03-0112. Justice Court Standards Committee. Repeal. Eliminates the Justice Court Standards Committee in conjunction with the responsibility for justice court standards being moved to the Board of Justice Court Judges.
CJA 03-0418. Model Utah Jury Instructions. New. Provides direction on developing jury instructions to the committees on the Model Utah Jury Instructions.
CJA 04-0202.02. Records classification. Amend. Classifies affidavits supporting motions to waive fees as private records.
CJA 06-0501. Reporting requirements for guardians and conservators. Amend. Requires a guardian or conservator to file a verified Private Information Record with the AOC within 7 days of appointment.
CJA 09-0101. Board of Justice Court Judges. Amend. Gives the Board of Justice Court Judges responsibility for overseeing justice court standards.
CJA 09-0108. New. Outlines the justice court standards as previously provided in rule 3-112.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 1-205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Establishes the Judicial Outreach Committee. Technical amendments.
CJA 3-111.03. Standards of judicial performance. Establishes 30 hours per year as the minimum standard for certification.
CJA 3-114. Judicial outreach. Identifies the responsibilities of the Judicial Outreach Committee.
CJA 3-201.02. Court Commissioner Conduct Committee. Changes composition of Court Commissioner Conduct Committee.
CJA 3-202. Court Referees. Permits court to hire full or part time referee by contract. Effective December 15, 2003 subject to further amendment after the comment period.
CJA 3-412. Procurement of goods and services. Increases the amount of contracts within the discretion of the TCE from $1000 to $5000.
CJA 4-202.02. Records classification. Changes designation of PSI report from “controlled” to “protected” to conform with statute.
CJA 4-402. Clerical resources. Establishes process for clerical weighted caseload.
CJA 4-701. Failure to appear. Increases bail for failure to appear.
CJA 9-101. Board of Justice Court Judges. Changes justice court representative on the Education Committee.

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