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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed at noon on January 4, 2019

CJA01-0205. Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.  AMEND – adds Court Security Director as a member of the Court Facility Planning Committee.

CJA02-0208. Publication and Distribution.  AMEND – remove requirement that AOC and TCEs “maintain a copy of the CJA and make it available for inspection during business hours.”

CJA03-0103. Administrative Role of Judges.  AMEND – assigns responsibilities to justice court presiding judges, to conform with district court counterparts.

CJA03-0104. Presiding Judges.  AMEND – clarifies responsibilities of presiding judges to coordinate with presiding justice court judges regarding magistrate rotation.

CJA03-0106. Legislative Activities.  AMEND – clarify options available to judicial council in response to legislative activities.

CJA03-0107. Executive Branch Policy Initiatives.  AMEND – clarify options available to judicial council in response to executive initiatives.

CJA03-0111. Performance Evaluation of Senior Judges and Court Commissioners.  AMEND – assigns responsibilities to justice court presiding judges, to conform with district court counterparts.

CJA03-0413. Judicial library resources.  AMEND – revises rule to conform with current practice and removes outdated provisions that no longer conform to current practice.

CJA03-0501. Insurance Benefits Upon Retirement.  AMEND – adds “parental leave” to the “sick day” calculation for purposes of determining post-retirement insurance benefits.

CJA04-0202.09. Miscellaneous.  AMEND – removes the requirement for a party to label a filing as private, protected, controlled, juvenile social / juvenile legal, or safeguarded.

CJA04-0403. Electronic signature and signature stamp use.  AMEND – authorizes use of judge signature stamp on writs of habeas corpus ad prosequendum / testificandum for transport of federal prisoners.  Authorizes use of judge signature stamp on forthcoming / proposed Rule 109 (Domestic Relations Injunctions) orders.

CJA04-0405. Juror and Witness Fees and Expenses.  AMEND – makes various revisions to align rule with current business practices at court and state level.

CJA04-0508. Guidelines for Ruling on a Motion to Waive Fees.  AMEND – removes default requirement to provide documentation supporting affidavit of impecuniousity, authorizing judge to specifically request that such documentation be provided on a case by case basis.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 03-413. Judicial library resources. Amend. Deletes references to materials no longer published.
CJA 04-201 Record of proceedings. Amend Permits the judge to allow access to the digital recording otherwise dsignated as “notes.”
CJA 04-203. Designating a case as historically significant. New. Establishes a process by which a person can request that a case be designated as historically significant. Records in historically significant cases will be retained permanently.
CJA 04-401. Media in the courtroom. Amend. Permits audio and video transmissions from the courtroom. Prohibits photographing documents and exhibits not in the public record. Clarifies that the judge can control areas adjacent to the courtroom without automatic restrictions.
CJA 06-601. The Board of District Court Judges. Amend. Prohibits a judge who is substituting for a Board member from making or voting on motions.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 01-205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Amend. Establishes the Committee on Self-represented Parties.
CJA 03-111.03. Standards of judicial performance Amend. Eliminates possibility of lawyer with trial experience being removed from respondent pool due to too few total appearances.
CJA 03-115.Committee on self-represented parties. New. Identifies the responsibilities of the committee.
CJA 03-408.Inventory. Amend. Changes minimum value for mandatory inventory control from $500 to $1,000.
CJA 03-411. Grant management. Amend. Adds approval by the legislature for large federal grants.
CJA 03-413. Judicial library resources. Amend. Eliminate mandatory subscription to Utah Advance Reports, an equivalent email notification service being offered by the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.
CJA 09-105. Justice Court hours Amend. Establishes 5-day operation as the standard for justice courts. Permits waiver by the Judicial Council
CJA 10-1-203. Designation of video arraignment areas as courtroom. Amend. Update references to video arraignment courtrooms in Second District Court.

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