Category: Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Information About Legal Services

URGLPP7.01. Communications concerning a licensed paralegal practitioner’s services.

URGLPP7.02. Advertising.

URGLPP7.03. Solicitation of clients.

URGLPP7.04. Communication of fields of practice.

URGLPP7.05. Firm names and letterheads.

URGLPP7.06. Reserved.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession

URGLPP8.01. Licensing and disciplinary matters.

URGLPP8.02. Judicial officials.

URGLPP8.03. Reporting professional misconduct.

URGLPP8.04. Misconduct.

URGLPP8.05. Disciplinary authority; choice of law.

Supreme Court Order

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Firms and Associations

URGLPP5.01. Responsibilities of partners, managers, and supervisory licensed paralegal practitioners.

URGLPP5.02. Responsibilities of a subordinate licensed paralegal practitioner.

URGLPP5.03. Responsibilities regarding non-lawyer and non-licensed paralegal practitioner assistants.

URGLPP5.04. Professional independence of a licensed paralegal practitioner.

URGLPP5.05. Unauthorized practice of law; multijurisdictional practice of law.

URGLPP5.06. Restrictions on right to practice.

URGLPP5.07. Reserved.

Public Service

URGLPP6.01. Voluntary pro bono legal service.

URGLPP6.02. Reserved.

URGLPP6.03. Membership in legal services organization.

URGLPP6.04. Law reform activities affecting client interests.

URGLPP6.05. Nonprofit and court-annexed limited legal services programs.

Supreme Court Order

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018


URGLPP2.01. Advisor.

URGLPP2.02. Reserved.

URGLPP2.03. Evaluation for use by third persons.

URGLPP2.04. Reserved.


URGLPP3.01. Meritorious claims and contentions.

URGLPP3.02. Reserved.

URGLPP3.03. Candor toward the tribunal.

URGLPP3.04. Fairness to opposing party and counsel.

URGLPP3.05. Impartiality and decorum of the tribunal.

URGLPP3.06. Reserved.

URGLPP3.07. Reserved.

URGLPP3.08. Reserved.

URGLPP3.09. Reserved.

Transactions with Persons Other Than Clients

URGLPP4.01. Truthfulness in statements to others.

URGLPP4.02. Communication with persons represented by counsel.

URGLPP4.03. Dealing with unrepresented person.

URGLPP4.04. Reserved.

Supreme Court Order

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Client-LPP Relationship

URGLPP1.00. Terminology.

URGLPP1.01. Competence.

URGLPP1.02. Scope of representation and allocation of authority between client and licensed paralegal practitioner and notice to be displayed.

URGLPP1.03. Diligence.

URGLPP1.04. Communication.

URGLPP1.05. Requirements for written contract and fees.

URGLPP1.06. Confidentiality of information.

URGLPP1.07. Conflict of interest: current clients.

URGLPP1.08. Conflict of interest: current clients: specific rules.

URGLPP1.09. Duties to former clients.

URGLPP1.010. Imputation of conflicts of interest: general rule.

URGLPP1.011. Special conflicts of interest for former and current government employees.

URGLPP1.012. Arbitrator, mediator or other third-party neutral.

URGLPP1.013. Organization as a client.

URGLPP1.014. Client with diminished capacity.

URGLPP1.015. Safekeeping property.

URGLPP1.016. Declining or terminating representation.

URGLPP1.017. Sale of licensed paralegal practice.

URGLPP1.018. Duties to prospective client.

Supreme Court Order

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 8. Reserved.

Article 9. Reserved. 

Article 10. Reserved. 

Article 11. Resolution of Fee Disputes for Licensed Paralegal Practitioners

URGLPP15-01101. Definitions.

URGLPP15-01102. Purpose and composition of the committee.

URGLPP15-01103. Exclusions.

URGLPP15-01104. Petition; agreement to arbitrate, answer, discovery; and extension.

URGLPP15-01105. Selection of the arbitration panel; additional claims.

URGLPP15-01106. Conduct of the hearing; evidence and civil procedure; right to counsel; right to record hearing; effect of failure to appear; postponements.

URGLPP15-01107. Award; form; service of award; judicial confirmation of award.

URGLPP15-01108. Relief granted by award; accord and satisfaction application to court; confidentiality; enforceability of award; claims of malpractice.

URGLPP15-01109. Ex parte communication between the parties and the panel members.

URGLPP15-01110. Necessary parties.

URGLPP15-01111. Exemption from future testimony and confidentiality of records and information.

URGLPP15-01112. Request and agreement to mediate fee dispute, answer.

URGLPP15-01113. Selection of mediator.

URGLPP15-01114. Matters entitled to mediation.

URGLPP15-01115. Mediation is voluntary.

URGLPP15-01116. Conduct of the mediation.

URGLPP15-01117. Confidentiality.

URGLPP15-01118. Ex parte communications with the mediator.

URGLPP15-01119. Exemption from future testimony.

URGLPP15-01120. Mediation agreement.

Article 12. Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of Professional Conduct

URGLPP Preamble: A Licensed Paralegal Practitioner’s Responsibilities.

Supreme Court Order



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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 6. Standards for Imposing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Sanctions

URGLPP15-0601. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0602. Purpose and nature of sanctions.

URGLPP15-0603. Sanctions.

URGLPP15-0604. Factors to be considered in imposing sanctions.

URGLPP15-0605. Imposition of sanctions.

URGLPP15-0606. Prior discipline orders.

URGLPp15-0607. Aggravation and mitigation.

Article 7. Licensing

URGLPP15-0701. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0702. Board – general powers.

URGLPP15-0703. Qualifications for licensure as a licensed paralegal practitioner.

URGLPP15-0704. Reserved.


URGLPP15-0706. Test accommodations.

URGLPP15-0707. Application; deadlines; withdrawals; postponements and fees.

URGLPP15-0708. Character and fitness.

URGLPP15-0709. Application denial.

URGLPP15-0710. Administration of the paralegal practitioner examination(s).

URGLPP15-0711. Grading and passing the paralegal practitioner examination.

URGLPP15-0712. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0713. Ethics exam.

URGLPP15-0714. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0715. Requests for review.

URGLPP15-0716. License fees; enrollment fees; oath and admission.

URGLPP15-0717. Relicensure after resignation or delicensure of Utah licensed paralegal practitioners.

URGLPP15-0718. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0719. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0720. Confidentiality.

Supreme Court Order


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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 5. Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Discipline and Disability

URGLPP15-0501. Purpose, authority, scope and structure of licensed paralegal practitioner disciplinary and disability proceedings.

URGLPP15-0502. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0503. Ethics and discipline committee.

URGLPP15-0504. OPC counsel.

URGLPP15-0505. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0506. Jurisdiction.

URGLPP15-0507. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0508. Periodic assessment of licensed paralegal practitioners.

URGLPP15-0509. Grounds for discipline.

URGLPP15-0510. Prosecution and appeals

URGLPP15-0511. Proceedings subsequent to finding of probable cause.

URGLPP15-0512. Sanctions.

URGLPP15-0513. Immunity from civil suits.

URGLPP15-0514. Service.

URGLPP15-0515. Access to disciplinary information.

URGLPP15-0516. Dissemination of disciplinary information.

URGLPP15-0517. Additional rules of procedure.

URGLPP15-0518. Interim suspension for threat of harm.

URGLPP15-0519. Licensed paralegal practitioners convicted of a crime.

URGLPP15-0520. Discipline by consent.

URGLPP15-0521. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0522. Reciprocal discipline.

URGLPP15-0523. Proceedings in which licensed paralegal practitioner is declared to be incompetent or alleged to be incapacitated.

URGLPP15-0524. Reinstatement following a suspension of six months or less.

URGLPP15-0525. Reinstatement following a suspension of more than six months; relicensure.

URGLPP15-0526. Notice of disability or suspension; return of clients’ property; refund of unearned fees.

URGLPP15-0527. Appointment of trustee to protect clients’ interest when a licensed paralegal practitioner disappears, dies, is suspended or delicensed, or is transferred to disability status.

URGLPP15-0528. Appeal by complainant.

URGLPP15-0529. Statute of limitations.

URGLPP15-0530. Costs.

URGLPP15-0531. Noncompliance with child support order, child visitation order, subpoena or order relating to paternity or child support proceeding.

URGLPP15-0532. Failure to answer charges.

URGLPP15-0533. Diversion.

Supreme Court Order


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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 1. Reserved

Article 2. Reserved

Article 3. Standards of Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Professionalism and Civility

URGLPP15-0301. Standards of licensed paralegal practitioner professionalism and civility.

Article 4. Mandatory Continuing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Education

URGLPP15-0401. Purpose.

URGLPP15-0402. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0403. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0404. Active status licensed paralegal practitioner: MCLE.

URGLPP15-0405. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on inactive status.

URGLPP15-0406. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on active military duty.

URGLPP15-0407. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0408. Credit hour defined; application for approval.

URGLPP15-0409. Self-study categories of accredited MCLE defined.

URGLPP15-0410. Accreditation of MCLE; attendance; undue hardship and special accreditation.

URGLPP15-0411. Board accreditation of non-approved  sponsor courses.

URGLPP15-0412. Presumptively approved sponsors; presumptive MCLE accreditation.

URGLPP15-0413. MCLE credit for qualified audio and video presentations; webcasts; computer interactive telephonic programs; writing; lecturing; teaching; live attendance.

URGLPP15-0414. Certificate of compliance; filing, late, and reinstatement fees; suspension; reinstatement.

URGLPP15-0415. Failure to satisfy MCLE requirements; notice; appeal procedures; reinstatement; waivers and extensions; deferrals.

URGLPP15-0416. Limited paralegal practitioner on active status not practicing in Utah; limited paralegal practitioner on active status engaged in full-time volunteer work in remote locations.

URGLPP15-0417. Miscellaneous fees and expenses.

Supreme Court Order


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