Rule 20. Discovery generally.

(a) Discovery involving adjudications of delinquency, offenses by adults against minors, and proceedings brought pursuant to Section 78A-6-702 and Section 78A-6-703 shall be conducted in accordance with Utah R. Cr. P. 16, except where limited by these rules, the Code of Judicial Administration, or the Juvenile Court Act.

(b) In substantiation cases, no later than thirty days prior to trial, parties shall provide to each other information necessary to support its claims or defenses unless otherwise ordered by the court.

(c) Rule 26.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure does not apply in any juvenile proceedings unless there is a showing of good cause and it is ordered by the court.

(d) In all other cases, discovery shall be conducted pursuant to these rules unless modified by a showing of good cause and by order of the court.