Rule 3. Style of pleadings and forms.

(a) Pleadings in the juvenile court include, but are not limited to, petitions, motions, and responsive pleadings. Pleadings and other papers filed with the juvenile court shall comply with Utah R. Civ. P 10. Pleadings and other papers in cases transferred from the district court shall show the juvenile court case number and the district court case number.

(b) Matters filed in the court shall be captioned as follows:

(b)(1) In minors' cases or private petition cases: "State of Utah, in the interest of __________________, a minor under ________ years of age."

(b)(2) In cases of adults charged with any crime: "State of Utah, Plaintiff, vs. ________________________, Defendant."

(b)(3) In cases requesting protective orders: "__________________, Plaintiff, vs. __________________, Defendant."

(b)(4) In adoptions: "In the matter of the adoption of _____________________."

(b)(5) In cases transferred from district court involving issues of custody, support and parent time: "State of Utah, in the interest of __________________. In the matter of __________________, Plaintiff, vs. __________________, Defendant."

(c) Forms used in the juvenile court shall be those standardized and adopted by the Board of Juvenile Court Judges or the Judicial Council, and may be single spaced when so authorized.