URCP 26.2

Advisory Committee Note

This rule requires disclosure of the key fact elements that are typically requested in initial interrogatories in personal injury actions. The Medicare information disclosure, including Social Security numbers, is designed to facilitate compliance with the requirements for insurers under 42 U.S.C. § 1395y(b)(8)(C). See, Hackley v. Garofano, 2010 WL 3025597 (Conn.Super.) and Seger v. Tank Connection, 2010 WL 1665253 (D.Neb.).

The committee anticipates full disclosures in most cases as a matter of course. However, there may be rare circumstances warranting a protective order in which a party would otherwise have to disclose particularly sensitive information wholly unrelated to the injury at issue, such as a particularly sensitive healthcare procedure or treatment. Information and documents not included in the application for a protective order must be provided within the timeframe of this rule.

This rule is intended to apply to actions based on personal injury and personal sickness using the broad definitions under 26 U.S.C. Sec. 104(a)(2). This includes wrongful death actions, in which case the disclosures will usually be of the decedent’s records rather than of the plaintiff’s, and emotional distress accompanied by physical injury or physical sickness.