Rule 14-1113. Selection of mediator.

(a) Appointment of mediator. When the Committee has received the request and agreement to mediate fee dispute signed by all of the parties, together with the $10 fee, the chair or his designee shall appoint a mediator from the Committee’s list of trained fee dispute mediators. The mediator shall schedule the mediation session(s) with the parties.

(b) Mediator to be impartial. The mediator shall be impartial. Before accepting a mediation, the mediator shall make a reasonable inquiry to determine whether there are any known facts or potential conflicts of interest that a reasonable person would consider likely to affect the impartiality of the mediator, including a financial or personal interest in the outcome of the mediation and an existing or past relationship with a mediation party, and disclose such fact and potential conflicts to the parties to the Committee. Upon notification of a conflict, the Committee shall appoint a replacement mediator from the list of approved mediators.