Article 11. Resolution of Fee Disputes

Rule 14-1101. Definitions.

As used in this article:

(a). "Bar" means the Utah State Bar;

(b) "chair" means the chair of the Utah State Bar Fee Dispute Resolution Committee;

(c) "client" means a person or entity who, directly or through an authorized representative, consults, retains or secures legal services or advice from a lawyer in the lawyer’s professional capacity;

(d) "Committee" means the Utah State Bar Fee Dispute Resolution Committee;

(e) "decision" means the determination made by the panel in a fee arbitration proceeding;

(f) "executive director" means the executive director of the Bar or his or her designee;

(g) "he" and the masculine pronouns includes "she" and feminine pronouns;

(h) "lawyer" or "attorney" means a person admitted to the practice of law in Utah, which may include a lawyer’s assignee;

(i) "panel" means the arbitrator(s) assigned to hear a fee dispute and to issue a decision;

(j) "petition" means a written request for fee arbitration in a form approved by the Committee;

(k) "petitioner" means the party requesting fee arbitration and can be either a client or an attorney; and

(l) "respondent" means the party with whom the petitioner has a fee dispute and can be either an attorney or a client.