Rule 14-712. Qualifications for admission based on UBE.

(a) Timing of application and admission. An application may be filed at any time. Processing of the application and the character and fitness investigation require a minimum of four months to complete.

(b) UBE score transferability. An Applicant who has taken and completed the UBE in a single administration in a jurisdiction other than Utah may transfer the UBE score by filing an application provided:

(b)(1) the Applicant meets all the requirements of Rule 14-703 or Rule 14-704;

(b)(2) the Applicant has not been denied by any jurisdiction on character and fitness grounds;

(b)(3) the UBE score is 270 or above; and

(b)(4) the Bar receives the Applicantís UBE score no later than nine months after the filing of the application. To transfer a UBE score, an Applicant must send a written transfer request, along with the prescribed fee, to the NCBE.

(c) Time limitations on transferability. The transferability of the UBE score will be subject to the following time limitations:

(c)(1) the UBE score is transferable for all Applicants only if the application is filed within 24 months of the administration of the UBE in which the passing score was earned;

(c)(2) the UBE may be transferable for up to five years from the administration of the UBE in which the passing score was earned if the Attorney Applicant can prove by clear and convincing evidence that she or he has been admitted to a U.S. state, territory, or the District of Columbia and has been Actively engaged in the Full-time Practice of Law as defined in Rule 14-701(b), (t) and (ff) for at least one-half of the time period since the score was earned.(d) Utah legal education requirement. Applicants who gain admission by transferring a UBE score and who have less than two years of legal practice must complete the New Lawyer Training Program as outlined in Rules 14-404 and 14-808.

(d)(1) Those Applicants who gain admission by transferring a UBE score that have two or more years of legal practice shall complete and certify no later than six months following the Applicantís admission that she or he has attended at least 15 hours of continuing legal education on Utah practice and procedure and ethics and civility requirements.

(d)(2) The Board may by regulation specify the number of the required 15 hours that must be in particular areas of practice, procedure, ethics and civility. Included in this mandatory 15 hours is attendance at the Barís OPC ethics school.

Effective Date May 1, 2016