Rule 14-521. Resignation with discipline pending.

(a) A respondent may resign from the Bar, prior to the adjudication of a pending complaint, only with the consent of the Supreme Court and upon such terms as the Supreme Court may impose for the protection of the public.

(b) The respondent shall submit a sworn petition:

(b)(1) admitting for purposes of the disciplinary proceedings the facts upon which the allegations of misconduct are based;

(b)(2) admitting that the facts constitute grounds for discipline;

(b)(3) stating that the respondent's resignation is freely and voluntarily tendered and that it is submitted without coercion or duress;

(b)(4) verifying that the respondent is fully aware of the implications of submitting the resignation;

(b)(5) acknowledging that the discipline matter, the petition and the sanction shall be available to the public and that a notice of the resignation shall be published in the Utah Bar Journal;

(b)(6) agreeing to comply with these rules, including Rule 14-526(b) regarding notice to clients and return of clients' property; and

(b)(7) agreeing to comply with other orders of the Supreme Court.

(c) A copy of the petition shall be submitted to OPC counsel. OPC counsel may, within 20 days, object to the petition. If OPC counsel consents to the petition, the Supreme Court shall review the petition and enter an appropriate order. If OPC counsel files a timely objection, the matter shall be set for hearing in the district court. Within ten days after the hearing, the district court's findings of fact and conclusions of law shall be transmitted to the Supreme Court for review and the entry of an appropriate order.

(d) If the Supreme Court accepts the resignation, it shall enter an order specifying the effective date of the resignation. The order may include additional or alternative terms and conditions deemed appropriate, including conditions precedent to readmission.

(e) A respondent whose resignation is accepted must comply with Rule 14-525 and may not apply for readmission until five years after the effective date of the resignation unless the Supreme Court orders otherwise in the order accepting the resignation.