Rule 14-417. Miscellaneous fees and expenses.

(a) All fees under this article will be deposited in a special account of the Board and used to defray the costs of administering this article.

(b) A lawyer must pay an administrative fee established by the Board for preparation and mailing of certificates of CLE compliance to other states or for filing of House Counsel Certificates of Compliance from the jurisdiction where the House Counsel maintains an active license. The Board may establish other fees to defer administrative costs related to requests for Accreditation with Supreme Court approval.

(c) Members of the Board are not compensated, but will be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties under this article.

(d) All CLE sponsors who offer any course for Utah Accredited CLE credit must pay to the Board, within 30 days following the course, a fee of $1.50 per credit hour per attendee. The required fee must accompany the required registration list. The $1.50 per credit hour fee will cap at $15 per attendee.

(d)(1) All CLE sponsors that do not charge registration fees but submit more than 50 programs annually must pay to the Board additional application fees.

(d)(2) If the CLE sponsor is a government or non-profit agency that is offering a program free of charge, the fees may be waived.

(e) Any lawyer or paralegal practitioner who is required by this article to apply to the Board for CLE must pay a fee of $10 at the time of application.

(f) Any lawyer subject to NLTP requirements must pay a separate and additional fee of $300 to the Bar as specified in the NLTP Manual.

(g) Presumptive CLE providers are required to pay an annual fee. The presumptive provider fee must be paid by January 1st of each year and is good through December 31st of each year.

(g)(1) Presumptive CLE providers that submit more than 50 applications annually will be required to pay additional presumptive fees.

(h) A CLE provider that is not a Presumptive CLE provider will pay an application fee established by the Board for each CLE application submitted by the CLE provider.

Effective May 1, 2021.