Rule 14-414. Certificate of compliance; filing, late, and reinstatement fees; suspension; reinstatement.

(a) Certificate of compliance. On or before July 31 of alternate years, each lawyer subject to MCLE requirements shall file a certificate of compliance with the Board, in such form as the Board shall prescribe, evidencing the lawyer’s completion of accredited CLE courses or activities ending the preceding 30th day of June. The certificate of compliance shall include the title of programs attended, or the audio or video presentation, the computer interactive telephonic program viewed or listened to, the sponsoring entity, the number of hours in actual attendance at each program, or the number of hours of such audio or video presentation, and other information as the Board shall require.

(b) Filing fees, late fees and reinstatement fees.

(b)(1) Each lawyer shall pay a filing fee in the amount of $15 at the time of filing the certificate of compliance under paragraph (a).

(b)(2) Any lawyer who fails to complete the MCLE requirement by the June 30 deadline shall be assessed a $100 late fee.

(b)(3) Lawyers who fail to comply with the MCLE requirements and file within a reasonable time, as determined by the Board in its discretion, and who are subject to an administrative suspension pursuant to Rule 14-415, after the late fee has been assessed shall be assessed a $200 reinstatement fee plus an additional $500 fee if the failure to comply is a repeat violation within the past 5 years.

(c) Maintaining proof of compliance. Each lawyer shall maintain proof to substantiate the information provided on the certificate of compliance which has been filed. The proof may contain, but is not limited to, certificates of completion or attendance from sponsors, certificates from course leaders, or materials related to credit. The lawyer shall retain this proof for a period of four years from the end of the period for which the Certificate of Compliance is filed. Proof shall be submitted to the Board upon written request.

(d) Failure to provide proof of compliance; rebuttable presumption. Failure by the lawyer to produce proof of compliance within 15 days after written request by the Board constitutes a rebuttable presumption that the lawyer has not complied with the MCLE requirements for the applicable time period.

(e) Verification period. The Board may, at any time within four years after the certificate of compliance has been filed, commence verification proceedings to determine a lawyer’s compliance with this article.