Rule 14-202. Purposes of the Bar.

The purposes of the Bar are to:

(a) advance the administration of justice according to law;

(b) aid the courts in carrying on the administration of justice;

(c) regulate the admission of persons seeking to practice law;

(d) provide for the regulation and discipline of persons practicing law;

(e) foster and maintain integrity, learning, competence, public service and high standards of conduct among those practicing law;

(f) represent the Bar before the legislative, administrative and judicial bodies;

(g) prevent the unauthorized practice of law;

(h) promote professionalism, competence and excellence in those practicing law through continuing legal education and by other means;

(i) provide service to the public, to the judicial system and to members of the Bar;

(j) educate the public about the rule of law and their responsibilities under the law;

(k) assist members of the Bar in improving the quality and efficiency of their practice;

(l) to engage freely in all lawful activities and efforts, including the solicitation of grants and contributions that may reasonably be intended or expected to promote and advance these purposes; and

(m) carry on any other business connected with or incidental to the foregoing objectives and purposes, and to have and exercise all the powers conferred under law of Utah upon corporations formed under the Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act.