Utah State Courts Public Notices - Weber County

Notices required by law or court order to be published.

In the Matter of: Orion Putnam, case no. 153900359 MN

Robert Gibbons
Stacey Putnam
Tonya Sanchez

In the Matter of: Cruz Ruiz, case no. 143900395 MN

Mid-Century Insurance
Laura Herbert

In the Matter of: Darrell Lavier Oleson, case no. 153900325 GU

Darrell LeRoy Oleson
Robyn Gardner Oleson

In the Matter of: Carson Gerald Arnold, case no. 153900342 GU

Chad Arnold
Amie Arnold
Roger Arnold
Elaine Arnold

In the Matter of: Harley Helton, case no. 153900199 GU

Kyleigh Sprately
Breesha Sprately
Zachery Helton
Terro Greemwell

In the Matter of: Acen KIger, case no. 15390039 GU

Corwin Pierce
Byron Kiger
Corine Pierce

In the Matter of: Ashlynn VAndemyle and Alexis Samples, case no. 153900344 GU

Lori Vandemyle
Amber Linger
Terri Vandemyle
Nicholas Kline
Christopher Samples
Weber School District

In the Matter of: Sydney Valero, case no. 153900301 CO

Edgar Valero
Paola Gonzalez

In the Matter of: Haylei Olsen, case no. 153900278 MN

Nick Olsen
Teisha Olsen

In the Matter of: Dawson Jeske, case no. 153900307 MN

John Jeske
Nikki Jeske

In the Matter of: Isaiha Thomas Bonn-Yglesias, case no. 153900328 GU

Richard Confer
Kimberly Bonn
Anthony Foster-Yglesias
Weber School District

In the Matter of: Roberta Anna Smith, case no. 153900312 GU

Patsy Iannone
Dixie Finch
Robert L. Bommer

In the Matter of: Auqiice and Aziia Harvey, case no. 153900340 GU

Keisha Pascale Summers
Shayla Dunn
Antwain Harvey
Shayla Dunn

In the Matter of: Betty Lamae Dayton, case no. 153900314 CO

Dennis Dayton
Darwin Dayton
MIchelle D. Davis
Phlip W. Davis

In the Matter of: Margaret Ann Emory, case no. 153900317 ES

Steven Robert Emory
Mary Katherine Sims

In the Matter of: Harley Helton, case no. 153900199 GU

Kyleigh Sprately
Breesha Spratley
Zachery Helton

In the Matter of: Cameron and Kellie Malan, case no. 153900308 MN

Ronald Malan
Karalee Malan

In the Matter of the Conservatorship of: Kalista Kupfer, case no. 153900275 MN

Bridgett Madson
Kian Kupfer

In the Matter of: G. Petersen, case #153900192 GU

Jenifer Petersen
Bonnie Fern Brueckner
Robert Tingey Brueckner
Trevor Blake Petersen