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Wireless Access Tips

laptop.jpgDo you regularly use the wireless access available at several of Utah's district and juvenile courts?

Do you sometimes have trouble accessing Pathway, the courts' wireless network? Because the wireless password changes weekly, the problem may be that your laptop or wireless device is using a previous week's password.

If you're having trouble, try these tips:

  • Remove Pathway from your wireless management program's list of available networks. Then, select Pathway from the list of available networks. You should be prompted to enter the current password.
  • If you're using a smartphone or mobile device, go into the Settings program. On an iPhone or iPad, select Pathway and then select "Forget This Network." Then, exit the Settings App and reopen it. It should prompt you to type the network's current password.
  • If you're using an Apple laptop, instead of selecting Pathway from the list of available networks in the AirPort, select "Join Other Network," and manually type "Pathway" in the name box. There should be a box below to enter the current password.
Questions about accessing the court's wireless network? Contact law library staff.


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